Outsmart the Penguin update – Some post-Penguin SEO tips for your blog

Google’s Penguin update proved that all the search engine giants all care about the quality of all the back links that are pointing to a particular website. Moreover, the Penguin update, the latest search engine algorithm of Google even has tools that can detect all the low value links that are being created to manipulate the page rankings of a website. If you’re the owners of SEO consulting services and you’re massively disheartened after the Penguin update coming into effect, you need not fret as there are some SEO tips that you can follow in order to outsmart this update and still keep securing high search engine rankings. Here are some tips that you may take into account.

penguin update

Identify all the low-value links and eliminate them

Most search engines like Google and Yahoo refer to the back links as ‘votes’ as they’re of the opinion that the inbound link that points to your website is nothing but a vote of confidence from the site that is referring it. In the perfect SEO world, any website that has the highest number of links from the bet sites is certainly to be valued among the highest search engine ranks. But we don’t live in a perfect world and therefore the Penguin update will make sure that all the webmasters who are using such “hacking techniques” will be severely penalized by Google. To prevent all such hassles, you have to identify all the links that you’ve perceived to be of low value and that can be intentionally manipulative. Get a copy of all the links and eliminate them that are unwanted and that harm your website.

Assess which links you need to remove

Assess all the links that you need to remove and remember that seeing a link that is included in the “low quality” category isn’t at all a bad thing. You don’t need to remove such links but when you see that there are links that are harming the quality of your website, you must instantly remove them as keeping them for a long time will mean losing your search engine ranking.

Consider the over-optimization issue

In the SEO world, over-optimization has always been an issue that raised debates. If you want to gain the largest number of online audience, you should provide them with best quality content that doesn’t stuff any single keyword. Over-optimization can reduce your search-engine ranking and therefore you should try to avoid it.

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Improve the social influence

When it comes to judging the performance of a website, social influence that is always checked by the search engines. The social networking websites not only bring in traffic to your website but they also establish a brand value for your website.

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Avoid the spammers

If you have been relying on Google for helping you avoid the spammers, you won’t always get a positive result. Use Yoast WordPress SEO plug-in or the RSS Footer plug-in so as to be able to remove all kinds of spam. As soon as you find someone copying the content of your website, you should DMCA them so that they don’t indirectly bring down the ranking of your website.

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Unfortunately, not all the webmasters will respond to your requests, but you have to ensure that you don’t take any wrong step that can bring down the value of your websites and also the profits. Follow the above mentioned SEO tips to avoid being mowed down by the Penguin update.

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  1. Lee says

    I have only been playing with my site for a little while so I suppose in one way these updates were already in motion so I hopefully haven’t been doing things seo wise that will be held against me.. I feel sorry for people though who were doing things that were considered acceptable that then became not and got wiped out.

    Great resource thanks lee

  2. Pradeep Farkya says

    Even our website was hit by penguin update.I am these collecting all the tips to get better than penguin and panda.
    SEO has surely changed after penguin introduction. :)

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