How does the Google App Store works for both uploading and downloading apps

If you are searching for the Google Apps Store then you should be aware that in March 2012 Google amalgamated Android Market, which was the original app store, and Google Music Services. Google Play can be accessed via the web, and the Play Store can be accessed by mobile Android devices that you can get from Dial-a-phone.

As well as being a great place from which to search for and download apps, it is also a great place for developers to upload and monetise their app creations.

How To Upload Applications in to Google App Store

Before developers can start uploading apps to Google Play they need to create a developer profile which includes their developer name, as it will be shown on the app and in the store, basic contact information and payment options. They will also need to agree to the terms and conditions of a Developer Distribution Agreement and set up a developer account. They must also pay a $25 fee using a credit card via Google Checkout.

Once all these formalities have been completed, then developers are able to access the Android Developer Console. Note that the console can be shared amongst a group of users whilst each individual user maintains a personal account. This is much safer than using shared passwords.

How to Download Apps from App Store

Downloading apps is as simple as it gets and involves a simple two step process.

  • Users simply browse to their chosen app and initiate the download process by clicking a button.
  • If the app is a paid one then the user completes the payment process (a number of options are available for doing this), and agrees to the various permissions required by the app. Once this has been done the app download and installation begins.

Apps can be downloaded directly to mobile Android mobile phones, or can be pushed to mobile devices via a web connection through a computer.


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    great article man. however, am wondering, there are apps that are free to download and install. how do those who offer free aps earn? that is the question that i would like to know.

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