Download Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version for free with Activation key

More than couple of months back we have posted an article giving away All versions of Angry Birds free that too full versions. Recently new version of Angry Birds named Angry Birds Star Wars came alive and now creating a hype in gaming world. Angry Birds Star Wars is a new version in Angry Birds. As we did earlier, we have decided to give direct link to Download Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version for free with Activation key now. Angry Birds Star wars is also a most interesting and addictive game as earlier versions. This game can draw attention from all group of ages.

Download Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version for free with Activation key

Are you looking to Download Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version for free with Activation key ? Then no doubt you’re on awesome and perfect page. This guide helps you to Download Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version for free with Activation key and step by step guide to active it to full version.

Download All versions of Angry Birds for free 

If you have missed our old guide which includes download links for all versions of Angry birds  for free, then no need to worry; we have provided those links too at the bottom of this guide.

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Know about Angry Birds Star Wars First

Angry Birds Star Wars is another version from R0vio. Angry Birds Star wars looks alike Angry Birds Space. But in this version brand new stylish birds with awesome powers are introduced and old and popular red, green and yellow birds are vanished. I bet you would surely like this version too.

What i observed in this version is Cool graphics and sound effects. Make sure to play this game with your speakers turned on.

Step by step guide to install and Download Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version for free on your PC [Activation key]

Here we go. Follow these steps in order to install and Download Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version for free with Activation key.  

Step 1:

You have to download Angry Birds Star wars game first and later you should install it on your PC

Download Angry Birds Star Wars

Step 2:

After installing Angry Birds Star wars, you would have seen a short-cut file for Angry Birds Star Wars on your desktop. Simply double-click it and wait until you seen a screen something like this [Check Image]


Download Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version for free with Activation key

Step 3:

Now click Activate Full game. You’re now forced to enter the Activation Key. This is only tricky part in this guide.

Activation key for Angry Birds Star War


In the downloaded zip file you might seen a file with Activation key. All you have to do is, Copy that key carefully and paste it where you was asked for the activation key. That’s it, you’re almost done.

Step 4:

Once you submitted the activation key just make use of your mouse and blindly hit Register. You’re done completely now.

Download Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version for free

My Sincere Advice 

The activation key we have provided in download link may work only on the set-up file we provided. We can’t assure that it will work on other step-up files downloaded from other sources. So please kindly download this zip file to install tension free.

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  1. Hemant Kumar says:

    Dear Amar,
    Thank You very much for the download link. I successfully downloaded and activated the game.

  2. anupam says:

    I have already downloaded angry birds star wars on my computer and you are telling that i have to do the same again i am a cellular modem user and it is a very big amount of data and also very time consuming so plz tell me what i will do plz send me the product activation key on

    os: windows 7

  3. Ayushman Dhar says:

    downloading freeze at 99%! please help

    • It seems some problem while transferring data. Please try again. It should work this time.

  4. Bibek Rai says:

    Could you tell me the activation keywords for angry birds star wars.

  5. sachin says:

    sir please send the code plz sir

  6. N3ro says:

    thanks dude!!! ^-^ ——–

  7. Timmy says:


  8. gembaya says:

    please send activation key to email Thx!

    • Download that file and activation key is inside it

      • gembaya says:

        Awesome! Gracias!

  9. maddy says:

    anybody hav a star wars activation key…plz send

  10. baasanbat says:

    please send me activation key my mail is

  11. Mark says:

    do the activation key works without the internet?

  12. Lee says:

    I will give this a go on my little nieces phone she loves angry bird and plays it all the time and I am sure it is not this version as it just comes up with angry bird when I bring it up. I have not asked her it is going to be a surprise so I hope I do not mess her phone up. I am good at doing that.

    Great heads up thanks lee

  13. link download is broken

  14. chandru says:


  15. raj says:

    amar ilindra please tell me the new updates of planet hoth

  16. raj says:

    while downloading

  17. raj says:

    while downloading amar ilindra

  18. raj says:

    i an trying to download angry birds star wars full version with an activation key but it always giving temporary error on window 7 ultimate what is the reason Amar Ilindra

    • While downloading or while installing ?

      • raj says:

        while downloading Amar Ilindra

  19. Ashwini says:

    hi ..thanks fr providing ful version of angry birds…n i wntd to install in som othr disk rathr than hard disk C is the same procedure i need to follow giv me som solution soon

    • Yes, you can install on any drive. Just change and select new drive while installing

  20. FARHAN says:


  21. rihana says:

    plese tell me the activation key star war

  22. albert jariol says:

    email me at…tnx

  23. albert jariol says:
  24. albert jariol says:

    the product key is not working,,, plz email me the product key… i’ll wait for your response..

  25. Mahdieh says:


    I know the angry bird starwars got a new update, regarding the plante hoth. Do you know with this version that i got from your site, how can i get the update?


  26. doni septu says:

    i need just key, but thx

  27. Mohanadas says:

    Mr. Amar
    Thank you for your uploads
    I could be able to download and play Angry Birds Star War.
    Also I have downloaded and installed Angri Birds Seasion But when I try to start the game it gives an error massage as follows
    ?:0: attempt to perform arithmetic on filed “playtime” (a table value) (call stack not available)

    Can you please help me to solve this problem?


    • May i know your operating system ?

    • Mohanadas says:

      Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit OS

      Thanks you very much
      expecting your kind reply

  28. Girinder Sharma says:

    your key is not working

  29. ashish asati says:

    that code are not working….

    plz help can u send me a keygen or a patch file


  30. Ajay says:

    I’ve downloaded and played every game. Those are pretty awesome and interesting too.
    Thanks for providing free download.

  31. emma says:

    please help… product key for angrybird space THET-ALEV-LEFR-USWO not working

    • Download the set-up file we have provided in this post and use the activation key inside it

  32. Mukesh Kumar says:

    Not working on Window 8 PC…………..

    • Can i know the exact problem ? Mukesh

      • jab says:

        plese tell me the activation key

        • Activation key is inside the provided zip file.

          • jab says:

            i can’t find that pleas help me /pleas send that my email pleas sir

          • jab says:

            sir pleas

          • You’ll get the serial key within 24 hours. Keep checking your mail

    • Kenrick says:


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