Download All Versions of Angry Birds for Free Full Versions

Angry Birds, Awesome game for all kinda ages. Authors came to know its importance and developed many versions. Each version becomes competition to other versions. Every version is ruling this gaming world. I know it is an addictive game. Even Playing Angry Birds in mobiles is quite interesting. But when playing them on PC with high volume is an awesome experience. No other game is interesting as Angry Birds. Angry Birds is a small and unique game which works on the concept of parabola. Main interesting thing in this game is sound and graphic effects. Till now Angry Birds have 3 Versions. But free one’s are trail versions. But here you can Download all versions of Angry Birds for Free

Angry Birds for Free

What is Angry Birds

Angry Birds is an Online or Computer game made by R0vio. They developed 3 versions till now and going to release another one in future. There are 8 different birds in this game with different powers. These birds (in general the player) try to kill pigs which are hiding behind walls and wooden blocks

How to Play Angry Birds

You can play Angry Birds game in all mobiles, computers and even online. But playing it on computer gives you an awesome experience. Here we are giving links to download Angry Birds for free. Download and install them on your computer and play tension free.

  • Your goal in every level is to kill all pigs
  • These pigs are protected by glass, walls and other materials
  • Use these Angry Birds to destroy the obstacles
  • Try to complete every level with Three stars

Download Angry Birds for Free

Now you can download Three versions of Angry Birds for free here.

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Angry Birds Rio

Here Birds try to save their friend birds for cages. Even they try to kill pigs if they are guarding there friends. In this version, Angry Birds fights indoor. It seems they are tired with summer heat :P

Angry Birds for Free

Click this image to start download

Angry Birds Space

Another Version of Angry Birds is Angry Birds Space. Now Angry Birds got big wings, they went into space and started fighting

Angry Birds for Free

Angry Birds Seasons

Seasons are changed and Now Angry Birds has also changed. Now Angry Birds is Rocking with new Angry Birds Seasons. Try it by your own to know what’s special in it

Angry Birds for Free

Click this image to start download

Angry Birds Star Wars

Recently new version of Angry Birds came alive and it is named as Angry Birds Star Wars. If you’re looking to download it for free just click here and follow all steps in order

Download Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version for free with Activation key

My Final Words

After Downloading these Angry Birds for free full versions, extract them and have a complete look at Read me text file and continue for further steps. Better maintain these basic configuration in your computer

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  • Windows XP SP2
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Internet Connection (Optional)

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  1. Kuldeep says:

    I agree that many people will love having this free version of the premium ones. But this is piracy. It should be stopped and not encouraged. PS : I’m an Angry Birds lover too.

  2. Reda says:

    Thank you very much for the games, you are the best !

  3. Reda says:

    Thank you very much for the games, you are the best !

  4. javad says:

    how to register angry birds space version?

  5. Kashan says:

    I was playing it online, and once i have searched it too online, but did not find, meanwhile thanks for share brother, just downloading it now, and will play again :).
    ( at this time only one link is working fine for me )

  6. how do you use the patch? it only shows

  7. Dev says:

    How to download???

  8. Some links are not active Amar… Well few others are working fine and thanks for this amazing collection. LOVE ANGRY BIRDS. YAYAYAYY !

    • Thanks for noticing. We started working on it. Will update links as soon as possible.

  9. farhadjoy says:

    I love this game so much………….. But 1st mediafire link is down. 2nd & 3rd mediafire link is ok.
    Kindly update with the new download link. I am downloading angry birds 2nd & 3rd Part. Thanks lot to share it. :)

  10. Ajay says:

    The sound effects in the game are funny and even elders are interested to play the game of killing piggies. Hats-off to the Rovio Developers.

  11. annbu says:

    attempt to perform artithmetic on field ‘playtime’ (a table value)
    (call stock not available) i facing this error what to do

  12. nivie says:

    thnks for ur uplaod..but im not getting full version…its asking for key…
    wtz dat !

  13. BASAVASAI says:


  14. Gabriella says:

    I dont understand about the angry birds seasons guide please help me Thanks

  15. farhad says:

    please give the links of those new versions.

  16. farhad says:

    please, give the links of those new versions.

  17. Jignesh says:


  18. sagar malik says:

    arre yaar angrybird seasons to i have downloaded but i m not able to edit that host file…………..please help me out…………….please suggest me something

  19. HARISHNAKAR says:

    Thank you bro angry birds is nice game…

  20. Praveen says:

    its one of my favourite games of all time

  21. TechGopal says:

    Angry Birds is my all time fav game going to download all

  22. Niraj says:

    I’m a great fan of Angry Birds game :) Thanks for sharing!!

  23. KBharath says:

    hey thanks for sharing this game :D i am totally addicted to Angry Birds Games.

  24. Sumanth says:

    Heard that rovio is releasing a new version of angry birds after space.. any idea about that..

  25. Koundeenya says:

    Angry birds is one of my favorite game on both PC and mobile. I just love the version on facebook. Its awesome

    • Sound effects is really awesome in Angry Birds

    • chanmony says:

      Thank U very much! wish U a handsome boy.

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