How to Create your own Facebook Cover

Make a Cover for Facebook is a web utility that takes your Facebook cover ideas from idea to design in just a few minutes. That said, the maker system isn’t designed for you to create from first conception your Facebook cover ideas – instead it requires you to make use of predefined layers and templates.

create your own facebook cover

The technique in which this Facebook collage maker operates is to layer upon a selected background a selected artistic personality and then allows you to dress up – much like a doll the layers that you want on your Facebook cover collage.

If you think conceptually about how you would dress a Barbie doll you would first start off with the base layer – the doll without any clothing on, you then make that dolly up by way of changing her heads for different facial expressions and changing her clothing layers. Make a Cover for Facebook operates in a very similar fashion.

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Steps To Make Your Facebook Collage

  • Navigate your browser over to the Make a Cover for Facebook website and click the ‘Download Application’ button.
  • On the new window you’ll be presented with a series of characters of varying charm that you will use to make your collage. You’ll need to choose one (a character) and click it in order to proceed.

create your own facebook cover

  • Once you’ve made the selection of your chosen character – probably the character that appeals to you the most – you’ll be presented with a Facebook cover on the right hand side, some download buttons on the bottom and a wardrobe of customizations on the far left.
  • The Facebook cover is built up in a series of layers, you build up your character (and in turn your Facebook cover collage) in largely the same way that you’d dress yourself in the morning.
  • Think of the left hand side toolbox like a wardrobe with which to create your collage – you simply fashion the clothing, accessories and background in the combination that you believe to be the most appealing.

create your own facebook cover

Using Your Collage as Your Facebook Cover

There are two choices that you have when it comes to taking your cover collage over to Facebook, you can either:

Easiest – Click the apply as Facebook cover button; this will automatically set the cover as your Facebook cover for you.

More Secure – If you have security concerns about Facebook applications, then you may prefer to simply to download your Facebook collage artwork to upload yourself as your cover.

One item of note that I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear – Make a Cover for Facebook doesn’t make use of watermarks on your cover designs.

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    The cover idea looks a great idea and I see you have several more articles to do with facebookanddo social media so going to have a look.

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