5 Best WordPress Comment Plugins for Better Discussion

WordPress, The Best CMS and Leading CMS in Blogging world. Many Bloggers including me started my blogging career with BlogSpot blogs and after month came to know about this WordPress. Here start’s the first problem “Which CMS to use? BlogSpot or WordPress? But, 90% of bloggers move their blogs or start a new blog in WordPress. After moving to WordPress here comes the new Question, What is the best WordPress Comment Plugin to discuss with your readers In BlogSpot we have only one choice but in Self hosted WordPress we have hundreds of Choices. There are tons of Plugins for WordPress and many for Commenting systems. Here we featured 5 best WordPress Comment Plugins.

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The 5 Best WordPress Comment Plugins

Here is the awesome collection of 5 Best WordPress comment plugins you can install on your WordPress blog to get in touch with your readers easily forever. They even sometimes reduce SPAM comments, Comment Plugins for WordPress is one of the 10 best plugins for WordPress blog.


Disqus is one which works perfectly on all best WordPress Responsive themes. Disqus is a good looking platform and even it takes less space but perform many functions. Users trying to comment on your blog feel comfort while using Disqus. All you need to create an account in disqus.com and complete your profile with your website link. No need to enter your name or email address in Disqus comments. It grabs each and every detail from your Disqus profile and inserts your site link with your name as anchor text.
Even though you are not using Disqus in your WordPress blog, you can create an account to comment on other blogs as number of blogs with Disqus is increasing everyday. Spam comments too decreases while using this Disqus Platform for commenting. One more interesting feature is it makes a list in your profile where you made comments and you can easily know your progress

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Next to Disqus, best friendly plugin for commenting is Commentluv. In general WordPress blogs with the commentluv plugin would surely get huge traffic and spam comments. People always try to comment on commentLuv enabled blogs. Main secret behind this logic is CommentLuv blogs indirectly gives two backlinks from single comment. CommentLuv grabs your latest published post from your RSS feeds and displays it as “Yourname recently posted www.yourwebsite.com/yourpost”. So many Bloggers try to comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs. If you can manage huge traffic and Huge spam comments you can go for this CommentLuv. As said earlier, you might get lot of spam commens if you started using CommentLuv or CommentLuv Premium Plugin on your WordPress site, so i highly recommend you to use security plugins for WordPress

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Another Platform in this struggle is Livefyre. It is clean and simple. This Livefyre accepts to login with Facebook, Twitter, Open ID and much more

Facebook Commenting System

This one helps to improve your Facebook Page too. The Facebook commenting system looks ugly but very useful. It shows comments in your blog even the comment is from Facebook. In short whenever your Facebook friend comments in your Facebook link a new comment is added in your Facebook Blog

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Default Commenting System

This one comes directly with your Theme and looks different for different themes. The default commenting system is best one I think. But it is like a new iPhone with default apps. Linking some plugins for this default commenting system make it much better. Although some themes include good looking and Awesome Commenting System. So, what’s going on your mind?

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My Final Words about Best WordPress Comment Plugin

Comments are much important thing to consider while blogging. Indirectly sometimes some keywords would include in other comments. They help to rank much better in Search Engines. Make your blog commenting system friendly so your readers fells happy to comment after reading your article, i recommend you to choose any one the above mentioned best Comment Plugin for WordPress blog

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  1. says

    I like disqus. thanks for sharing

  2. Amit Swarup Kumar Rai says

    Same, I love Disqus. Of course I don’t use WordPress either, so I don’t
    have as nice of a free native commenting alternative. Still, I always
    found Disqus ridiculously easy and provided people with a lot of choices
    of how they want to comment.

  3. Drake says

    Yes, I prefer comment luv too and I hate it when sits use Facebook log in.

    • says

      most of the people hate it, when they’re forced to login via Facebook, just for commenting

  4. Shivam says

    I am also using thr default commenting system…it looks most awesome with my current theme.And use Akismet with it.

  5. ritwick says

    I was in doubt over using commentluv or disqus or livefyre. As you have done i think it’s best to have commentluv for comments. But you know the negetive factor always remains that some people will use it for spamming on websites for backlinks. Anyway you get the traffic. I think the inbuilt wordpress comment with Akismet is pretty good too. What do you think ?

    • says

      The best thing is using default commenting system with Akismet

  6. JJ Jenks says

    Agree with the above comment that CommentLuv is favorable. I personally dislike sites that require Facebook login to comment. Often, when commenting on sites, I would prefer not to share that data with FB.

    • Dave Barnes says

      Which is why I have 2 Facebook accounts.
      One is a minimal and fake profile.

  7. says

    Earlier I used Disqus. But now I am using the default commenting system along with the CommentLuv plugin is my favorite. It not only helps in high speed loading but also helps in boosting traffic.

  8. Colin Shedwick says

    The only one I have not used on this list is Livefyre. As for the other 4, they all do the job. However, the Facebook one is particularly useful if you are wanting to maintain a high usage account. Many applications/websites are now offering a Facebook log-in option.

    • says

      If you site has huge facebook page, then i recommend to use Facebook commenting system.

  9. Zeeshan says

    I personally prefer default commenting system plus Comment LUV which is i think the world best combination.

    • Sumanth says

      Even i use the same.. default commenting system with commentluv.. :) it works good..

      • says

        I agree with both of you. Even I’m using same for this site :P

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