OLX – India’s Craigslist to buy and sell products online and to Make Money

Everyone in the technology and IT world is aware of what Craigslist is and how it has revolutionized the online classified industry. Today, we would be introducing to you one such alternative to Craigslist which has done exceptionally well in the field of online classifieds in India. This website is called as India’s answer to Craigslist and it is called as olx india. The online shopping scenario has witnessed a tremendous growth in the recent years. There are a number of people who are using the services which are provided by the online e-commerce websites. The importance of the classifieds has increased many folds and there are more and more people who are looking for some better deals and economical services.


In today’s fast paced and busy life, where the time is money and everything must be served at the click of a button, OLX fits in perfectly in this scenario where it serves you the no non sense stuff which is not only authentic but saves a lot of time. So, if you want to buy, sell, mortgage or hire then OLX is the place that you should check out first.

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Apart from this, the best part of this website is that it is dynamic and keeps of adding new features and functionalities that would make your classified much more interesting and appealing. The classifieds can be posted on the website for free of cost without any kind of registrations or log in.

Many Languages for better communication

In order to become more popular, the company has started using a number of typical Indian acronyms such as Bech De and Yaha sab Kuch Bikta h in their campaigns so to connect with a maximum number of people in India. Apart from being offered in Hindi and English, the website is also offered in regional languages like Kannada, Tamil, Marathi and much more. You can easily connect to different social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter so that you can let your friends and followers know about your classifieds also. The website has also introduced the apps for smartphones and tablets which would enable you to respond and post your classifieds from your device.

You can watch the OLX TV commercial:


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  1. Jyoti Sahoo says

    Hi there. Really Olx is just rocking. It is a great site for online consumers those who want to purchase things online.

  2. says

    i always use OLX if i have to sell or buy anything as here only buyer meets the seller..which is great..!!!!

  3. says

    hey amar, great post, olx and other classified sites like Quickr, Sulekha has done really well in the last few years and yes, they can be used in variety of ways.

    thanks for sharing this.

  4. says

    OLX is really rocking now a days.. I have a couple of mobiles to sell :P

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