Best Ecommerce plugins to Transform your WordPress blog to an efficient business site

With the internet being used frequently by an average internet user, you might want to start your own online business where you can leash your products and services to all those prospective and potential customers. Though there are countless ways by which you can accomplish this, here we will be discussing some particular eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

Ecommerce plug-in

You must have heard about the odd plug-in which facilitates you in selling the products from the WordPress blog; however, you might not have an idea what they exactly are. To help you better sell your products online, here is a list of some of the best ecommerce plugin for WordPress:



Ecwid is a free plug-in for WordPress  Ecwid is a complete shopping cart and eCommerce system which is very easy to install and maintain. This plug-in can be customized; hence, you can have it looking anyway you like.


eShop is another complete ecommerce system for WordPress  This plug-in is also free and is an excellent e-cart all-in-all. The admin region of this particular plug-in is very simple to use and adding products, reviewing them and checking the stats could not be any easier and simpler. The entire system is customizable; hence, you can have it looking incredible in no time. You can check out the demos available on the internet to get a feel as to how the plug-in works and how it can be customized as per requirement.

WP e-commerce:

Another free eCommerce solution for your WordPress is WP eCommerce  This is one of the frequently used plug-ins which has a number of additional features– compared to eShop. That’s why few of the most robust and complicated sites use this plug-in.

With the plug-in installed and ready to go; you can accept manual payments, PayPal payments pro, PayPal payments standard, Google checkout, PayPal express checkout, and ChronoPay. You can also use the gold version of the e-cart which has many additional features and accepts other kinds of payment types.


Shopp is yet another excellent e-cart plug-in for WordPress  however, the excellence comes with a price. This plug-in is very easy to install and use, also it appears much cleaner than other free plug-ins. Its customer support is unparalleled, minimal documentation is required and it has a helpful user forum on the official website.


PHPurchse is a kind of paid plug-in. Just like Shopp; it appears to be of superior quality than the other free versions, besides it is very easy and simple to use. This plug-in is also customizable and has similar features like the ones mentioned in other plug-ins. One attractive feature of this ecommerce plug-in is that it accepts few more payment gateways.

Picking any eCommerce plug-in depends on how much money you are ready to spend, what you want your particular eCommerce solution to do; and how much deep knowledge you have to run, develop and customize an e-store.

Over to you

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  1. Anand Rajendran says

    I guess nowadays WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin and it is available totally for free. Since it is a open source Ecommerce many people prefer using it.


  2. krisford says

    Saw a link that said WP-Ecommerce was no longer supported and developers retired it. I am looking for an ecommerce software now.. I did not see a rating here… 1-thru 20. Any bets on who is going to be around in 2yrs? Woo?

  3. Jenna Triplett says

    In order to fully participate in web culture, plugins play a very important role. This article illustrates the fact very effectively about numerous ways to sell your products and services through the use of plugins. I have been looking for related articles and posts on the internet for quite some time now and this post has given me effective and good information too. Also I would like to add some of my own ideas on the use of plugins. Some of which are found in an All in one SEO pack, Contact form (they enable visitors to leave a message without them knowing your email), WP Insert (for private policy), XML sitemaps and many such examples. I have found a site in which a great deal of information can be found.

  4. says

    Hi Amar : You can also some few words about woocommerce the feature rich ecommerce plugin for wordpress which available for free.I am using this with my two or more websites and its great.

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