Best Android apps to Backup and Restore Android Phone

If you are experimenting on your android mobiles for rooting, updating, installing costume ROM’s etc then backup is mandatory before trying them. Have you ever tried backup and restore of android phones? if not you should try them now. Backup of your mobile data helps you in many things. There are many third party software’s which helps to backup entire mobile data directly to your PC. But i won’t recommend them since it was lengthy process and need geeky knowledge. Today huge number of free android applications are available to backup stuff like applications, messages, contacts, bookmarks, call logos etc. Using those applications you can backup and restore android phone.

backup and restore android phone

When should you make a backup?

Creating Backup is essential when trying strange things with your mobile. Usually Backup’s are created during

  • Updating mobile software
  • Installing costume ROM on mobile
  • Rooting the devices

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  • To be on safe side
  • For Time pass too :P

Best Apps to Backup and Restore Android Phone

In this article you can know about best applications to back and restore contacts, messages, bookmarks, call logs etc separately

Backup Contacts

Using this application you can backup/restore all contacts in mobile it self.


  • Backup to SD card
  • Backup to Dropbox
  • Send entire backup as a email attachment

Download Backup Contacts App

App Backup and Restore 

Using this application you can create a backup for all installed applications to your micro SD card.


  • Backup applications to Micro SD card
  • Restore applications from Micro SD card
  • Easy installing
  • Automatic backup on installing the application
  • Sharing backups via Email

Download App Backup and Restore

SMS Backup and Restore

Using this application you can backup all SMS and save them in Micro SD card. This application has a feature to restore messages


  • SMS backup in Micro SD card
  • SMS backup in XML format
  • Scheduled backup
  • Sharing backup via email
  • Special option to backup certain conversations

Download SMS Backup and Restore

Call logs backup and restore 

Using this application you can backup call history and call duration’s.


  • Backup to Micro SD card

Download Call log Backups and restore 

Bookmark Sort & Backup

Using this application you can create a backup for all bookmarks in your mobile browser


  • Backup bookmarks from all installed browsers
  • Restore backups
So, which application among them would you like to backup and restore your Android mobile? Let us know which one helped you a lot.

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  1. SGrdn says

    Even if your not planning to root your device you should always have it backed up. I’m personally using g cloud backup at the moment it backs up contacts, sms, logs , music , settings, videos mostly everything .
    Good option if you are not planning to root your device

  2. Pardeep says

    When we root our phone or update then backup is the first in rooting and you explained very well about taking backup i like it :)

  3. says

    Back ups are really important that’s why I always keep a minimum of 2 back ups in my microSD just in case a problem arises. I use Titanium back up and Astro but I will give your suggestions a try too! Thanks!

  4. romal jaiswal says

    yo bro.. u r doing an awesome job …. ur site proved to be the most helpful one.. really best one!

    • says

      Thanks a ton man, I’m really glad my site is helping you. Keep visiting

  5. Zehra says

    Heyy … I used Backup Caretaker ad it worked well for me … I backed up my phone and the items it allowed to backup were SMS, MMS, Contacts, Call logs, System settings, alarms and custom dictionary.
    I used the Lite version and created the backup on my SD card but if anyone is interested in online backup they may use Pro version that gives the facility of scheduled backup as well.

  6. mohit rajwani says

    i was using other app for backing up my data but i was facing some problem with it but this one seems to good..will surely going to use it…!!!!

  7. The Droid Club says

    After having Android powered phone this is the second and most important step to do the backup. Thanks for sharing these useful apps and make life much easier with secure backups.

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