Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version Free Download For PC

Angry birds and Star wars? We know that both of these flicks have achieved par excellence in their respective fields (gaming and Sky-Fi movies). That exactly is the aspect Finnish game developer, Rovio wants to take advantage of. Hence, on 8th of October 2012, Rovio has announced this great medley to be released on 8th of November 2012 and doing so, it has won the hearts of the Angry Birds game fans as well as the Star wars fans all over again. Read the following short description of the whole package of Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version Free Download For PC and further, learn  how to install Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version Free Download For PC.

Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version Free Download For PC

Though playing with the birds in space is not new to its fans (considering Angry Birds Space), this version adds a new flavor as the birds play the role of different characters from Star wars. The game features four worlds – Tatooine, Death Star, Hoth , Path of the Jedi. There is also a bonus world to be unlocked, which stars the R2 D2 bird and the C-3Po bird. Tatooine and Death Star come with 40 levels each. Another 40 levels are available to be bought in the third world Dagobah. There is a free update of 40 more levels that would happen later on in the Hoth world. The game uses the super hit sound tracks from the star wars. Not only that; the game can with no doubt be named the best of all the previous versions, as it uses all the best features from the previous versions. The birds and the pigs, both come with never seen before super powers such as laser pistols and light-sabers. It also uses the much appreciated concept from Angry Birds Space, the gravity balloons and the gravity pull that affects the trajectory of the birds. The vital skill that seems to be tested most is the timing of the player I releasing the birds from the slingshot. In this guide you will get Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version Free Download For PC

All excited after knowing everything that comes loaded in the much awaited Angry Birds Star Wars?

Fine, then here is how you can download Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version Free Download For PC with a crack. The best part is that you would be getting the Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version Free Download For PC with the Hoth levels unlocked !

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Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version Free Download For PC

Step 1:

Download Angry Birds Star Wars by clicking the link below. You should be downloading a MediaFire Zipped file.

Download Angry Birds Star Wars

Mirror Link 1

Step 2:

Once the download is completed, unzip the file using an extractor (Win Rar , WinZip, etc). On extracting you will find three files. The setup file for Angry Birds Star Wars,the patch file ( both being .exe files) and serial number.txt file.

Angry Birds Star Wars Free Download Full Version

Step 3:

Install the game by running the game installer (setup file).

Step 4:

Copy the patch file to the game directory (generally, C:Program FilesRovioAngry Birds Star Wars).

Step 5:

After copying, run the patch as administrator. The below window should pop up with gaming music.

Run as Administrator Angry Birds Star Wars

Step 6:

Click Patch and select the game (.exe).

Patch for Angry Birds Star Wars

Step 7 :

Now open the game. Click on ‘Activate Full Game’.

Enter the Activation key (Serial Number.txt is in downloaded zip file)

Download Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version for free

Now that you have Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version Free Download For PC with the Hoth unlocked, have fun!

Looking for earlier versions too? No worry’s. You can Download all versions of AngryBirds for free Full versions by following this link.

Final Words

Okay, now it seems everything is clear now. We have included Keygen and Activation key in this guide, Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version Free Download For PC and we tested it and working super fine. Don’t hesitate to use comments section in case of any help or query.

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  1. Sai says

    Hey thanks it works fine and activated the full version with no problem.Thanks a TON

  2. piyush says

    link is not working showing “error while downloading”

    • says

      Seems problem with your internet connection. Try downloading again

  3. davis says

    I typed both activation keys ,ABCD-EFGH-IJKL-MNOP

  4. davis says

    the game is working properly but both the activation keys are not working

  5. Ron says

    THANK YOU!!!! The link and the game works, it is also the full game.

  6. venkatesh says

    my angry birds download is going above 160%

    why is this like this

    • says

      It might be problem with your browser. Force stop the download process and try extracting the file contents. If it works as expected, you are good to go; else I don’t think you have an other option – Start downloading again.

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